Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Review – Buyer Guide

Benjamin moore arborcoat is available for those who need 100{8f84ca136fe4ee3d0efb152966be4760f81233c85aa8eb2af5a2d7318cda68e1} of acrylic exterior wood stain. It provides water repellency, UV protection and mildew resistance.
It is a waterborne product that was released in 2010 and it works best as a two component system. You can use one coat of stain and one coat of a protective clear coat to apply. They provide it in various color options. It works as a wood and deck stain to give best protection while beautifying your deck, siding and outdoor furniture. Here is the review about the arborcoat.

The Score Of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat

First, we would like to start from the appearance after the initial stain application. The score from 1-10 is 3.
We have to say that after drying, it gives a plastic and unnatural look when done and applied to the wood. It was like a film-forming stain and the finished result is the same as a varnish. After being tested to a deck in Michigan, the stain is prone to peeling especially in cold weather states.
Second, when it is about preventing UV Graying for 1 year mark, its score is 10!
Benjamin moore arborcoat worked best during the test for 1 year. It did prevent UV graying. It is designed with nano-technology to completely repeal the graying effect. Even after 1 year, we didn’t see any color change.
Next is about its wear/tear and peeling part, with the score is quite poor, 1. We were disappointed at this part because it peeled significantly even on the brand new pine deck. Even the patches of the finish peeled off the wood in strips. You could use your fingers to peel back for large sections of stain, but we have to say that it likely didn’t penetrate quite well into the wood.
To prevent mold, mildew or algae, it has 10! After the one year mark, it didn’t appear with mold, mildew, and algae. It seemed the zinc oxide inside worked truly well.
About the ease of application, the score is 4. Honestly, the coat is difficult to apply. With most water-based formulas, it can dry fast and display overlap marks. To help, you should add clear top coat to make better appearance. When you apply the stain, it is like paint and then dries on the top of the wood.
For color shifting or darkening after 1 year, it is quite good with the score 8. After doing the test for more than 1 year, it showed no visible darkening of stain.
With the poor score in wear, tear and peeling issue, it is also difficult to reapply. We were disappointed about the condition of the deck for less than one year and when we would like to remove the Benjamin moore arborcoat, we even couldn’t use a traditional deck stain stripper. Instead, we had to use power sanding.
In conclusion, it is a good option for you who are living in cold weather state or apply it in a newly built deck. If you can accept about the reason of its unnatural appearance, difficulty of removal, you can go with this one.
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