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Target Shabby Chic Furniture for Your Bedroom

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Shabby chic style is gaining more popularity nowadays. This style is also used in interior design. So what do shabby chic means? The style incorporates the use of distressed and worn furniture to create a romantic and vintage vibe. So, what belong to shabby chic furniture are any old, vintage, antique items that have a country or rustic look. This style was born in Great Britain and it started to reach its fame in America in the eighties. Until now this style is still popular and it seems that the popularity of shabby chic especially in interior design and furnishings won’t be slowing down. Therefore a lot of companies keep manufacturing this style of furniture.

peony pink comforter - simply shabby chic target shabby chic furniture for your bedroom

Shabby chic furnishings are typically made of solid wood. They come in pastels, white, off-white, and other soft delicate colors. Creamy white is one of the most predominant colors used in a shabby chic home. The fabrics often come in floral patterns, checks, and stripes. The furniture is designed in such a way that it looks old and worn-out yet well-designed and beautiful. Even some people distress their new modern furniture to look antique. People like to design their bedroom in this style because of the minimalist design. Being minimalist means less stuff so the room will look more spacious and easy to clean.

ruffle bedding collection - simply shabby chic target shabby chic furniture for your bedroom

For those who are interested in decorating their bedroom in shabby chic style, shopping at Target can be a great idea. This store has a wide selection of shabby chic furniture which is eclectic and comfortable. Target offers many kinds of furnishings that can bring the vintage charm to your home from sofas to cabinets, curtains to carpets, and much more. All of them are designed with quality in mind. Target simply shabby chic furniture can be sources of inspiration for your bedroom. There are many pieces that can be found in Target such as bed frames, mattresses, nightstands, drawers, lighting, and accessories. If there are not any Target stores in your local area, you can go online to visit the website where the choices are endless.

simply shabby chic ditsy patchwork quilt - multi target shabby chic furniture for your bedroom

Bed frames and mattresses are the main part of shabby chic’s bedroom. The shabby chic bed frames available at Target are designed to be lightweight and minimalist. However, they are quite pricey. If you look something less expensive, try box spring or bed frames made of metal. What about the mattresses? They are typically thicker than 10 inches and lack of decorative elements.

Besides bed frames and mattresses, Target also sells many types of furniture. They have a simple basic nightstand that is designed to be lightweight so it’s easy to move around. The nightstand’s top is large enough to place a table lamp and your gadget. For a larger storage, consider drawer. Depending on how much stuff you plan to store, you can choose a set of 3 drawers or 6 drawers. Under the lighting session, you are offered a wide selection of lighting. For shabby chic décor, the lighting should have weak light instead of bright light.

pintuck ruffle quilt - simply shabby chic target shabby chic furniture for your bedroom

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