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The Arpa Chair – Beautiful Chair Inspired by Harp

Have you ever seen harpist plays the harp? If you ever had a chance to see one, you would probably agree that harp is one of the most beautiful music instruments in the world. Its shape and the sounds generated from its strings are equally beautiful. Now this stringed instrument becomes an inspiration in creating furniture piece. It was the Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon who used harp as inspiration for the creation of Arpa Chair. The designer created the chair in a certain shape that makes us think of music instrument. By looking at the appearance, we can easily tell that this chair could fit in the modern style decoration.

gold arpa chair lacquered steel

Inspired by the harp, the Arpa Chair is supported by metal frame. The material used to create the frame is lacquered steel, while for the cushion; it is wrapped with layer of feather that can provide extra convenience. Seeing the materials used to create this chair, we can see something contrast. The solid frame represents the strength, while the soft seating represents extra comfort offered to its users. This chair could easily be the center attention wherever it is placed. Do you need something to be the focal point of the room? This Arpa Chair can do that easily.

gold arpa upholstered metal frame

arpa upholstered metal frame

arpa upholstered arm chair collections

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