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The Cowrie Chair – Stylish Chair Perfect Contemporary Decoration

The Cowrie Chair Displays Cowrie Chair in the Laminate Woden Floor and Elegant Floor Lamp

Do you need something elegant and unique to complete the contemporary decoration of your home? Take a look at this stylish chair, possibilities are you will like it. At the design market, this chair is introduced with the name The Cowrie Chair. The inspiration behind this creation come from the concave lines of sea shells, and the creative forces behind this Cowrie Chair are the people at Made in Ratio. The modern flowing lines become the standout feature of this chair, allowing it to fit in to the area with contemporary style way much easily.

The Cowrie Chair Plywood Faced Cowrie Chair Design Project

The shape and lines featured on the Cowrie Chair come from extensive process. We might think that the chair’s simple appearance does not require many efforts during the manufacturing process. In fact, according to the designers at Made in Ratio; all those featured on the Cowrie Chair come from extensive innovation and research technique that bridges the digital with the handmade. This chair is made of Ash faced plywood, and comes with two variants finish, the natural one and the ebonised one. There are two types of chair in The Cowrie Chair line offered. They are the elegant rocking lounge chair and the easy chair.

The Cowrie Chair Ideas Project in Ebonised Ash

Sweeping lines are displayed in a gentle, single surface monocoque fold. The all-in-one structure, formed in Ash faced plywood with either a natural or ebonised finish, comes in an elegant rocking lounger and a rock solid easy chair.
Dimensions L 750mm x W 740mm x H 640mm
Materials. Plywood faced with Ebonised Ash / Natural Ash / Walnut

The Cowrie Chair Dark Walnut Cowrie Chair Project

The Cowrie Chair Design with Concave Lines of Sea Shells

The Cowrie Chair Project as Elegant Rocking Lounger

The Cowrie Chair Project Plans Cowrie Chair