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Top 3 Beds by Virginia Wayside Furniture

Why is it crucial to choose the right bed? The quality of the bed where you sleep on determines the way you feel mentally, spiritually, and physically. If your bed is comfortable, you can have a great peaceful sleep. A great sleep will enhance your energy and body immune system, improve your learning ability and memory, boost your mood, assist cell generation, and slow aging process. Due to the aforementioned reasons, you should use a bed that is suitable for your body type and habit. There are different models of bed to choose from. Don’t rush to decide which to buy. Remember that buying a new bed is an investment. So, take your time when shopping.

There are many stores and retailers selling different kinds of beds. One of them is Virginia Wayside Furniture. This company is specialized in fine furniture and interior design. If you live in Richmond VA, the store can be a great shopping place to stop by. The beds available there have the finest quality and stylish design yet competitive price. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary bedroom, there is always a perfect bed for you. The store also offers good and friendly service. All beds and other furniture pieces here are made quality hardwoods such as cherry, oak, and maple, with supreme woodworking technique. Here, 3 best bed products are reviewed.

The first one is Willow Bed. It is designed by Stickley’s Edinburg Collection. The bed is adorable due to its lattice-style headboard with wonderful detailed rails and footboard. The bed is available in three sizes; queen, king, and California king. Made of solid cherry wood, the Willow Bed is quite durable. Besides, cherry wood is known for its beautiful aging that results in a beautiful antique look. No wonder that the Willow bed has a rich and attractive look.

willow bed designed by stickley’s edinburg collection with lattice-style headboard top 3 beds by virginia wayside furniture

Willow Bed Designed by Stickley’s Edinburg Collection with Lattice-Style Headboard

The second is Tribeca Platform Bed. It is another beautiful bed designed by Metropolitan Collection. Nowadays, platform beds are quite popular. Some of them feature storage base and trundles. Designed to be a platform bed, the Tribeca bed is very low to the ground. That is why some people add a box spring. The bed is only available in king and queen size. Unlike regular bed frames, the frame of the bed is longer and wider than the mattress. This can be a great buy because the design is sleep. Also, there is no need of a secondary mattress for support. However, platforms beds are usually firm as they come with no slats.

stickley tribeca platform bed by metropolitan collection top 3 beds by virginia wayside furniture

Stickley Tribeca Platform Bed by Metropolitan Collection

A bed by Portfolio Louis Philippe can be another option. It is a kind of sleigh bed that can ensure comfort and style. The bed is ideal for couples or anyone sharing the same bed because it’s quite spacious while single sleepers can enjoy much space. The bed has a versatile design. It blends with modern, vintage, or French themes. However, sleigh beds, with their large size, can take up a lot of space. Those who have small rooms should think twice before buying sleigh beds.

the classic portfolio - louis philippe by stanley furniture top 3 beds by virginia wayside furniture

The Classic Portfolio – Louis Philippe by Stanley Furniture