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Top Modern Dining Room Furniture: The Tables

The role of a dining room in every house is special. It is a place where everyone in the family gather for meals, enjoy the delicious home-made food together with their love ones. It’s also the place where we invite friends and neighbor to dinner and enjoy a lovely night together chatting and sharing stories afterward. With such important role it is just normal that we want to fill the room with the best modern dining room furniture that provides comfort as well as aesthetic value.

Modern Style Dining Room Tables

According to homedesignlover.com a good modern dining room is the one that balance aesthetic value and functionality. Hence when we are looking for modern dining room furniture we have to look for ones that are not only pleasing in the eye but also comfortable, functional and practical to use.

Modern Italian Dining Chairs

To help you finding the right modern dining room furniture, especially the table, we will provide you with a list of top modern table furniture for dining room for reference. Without much further ado here is our list:

  1. The Tavolo Dining Table: The first on our list of modern dining room furniture comes from Arredamenti Diotti, an Italian interior design and furniture firm. The table design, comes in two choice of colors: black and white, combines classic and modern style that perfect with modern and elegant dining room style. You can visit this link for further information on this table. http://www.arredamentidiotti.it/tables-chairs-stools/furniture-product.asp?view=6756—Tavolo&id=1493
  2. The 7100 Dining Desk: this modern dining room furniture from Draenert is extremely functional with its expandable features that you can use to place dish serving, cutlery box, champagne or whatever you like. Visit http://www.draenert.de for further information about this product.
  3. The Colors Dining table: if you have a bright and colorful style for your dining room then this Colors dining table from MDF Italia could be the perfect choice to add. Simple and stylish, the table made from gloss lacquered aluminum for the frame, has many colors choice such as red, black, orange, green, white, light grey and yellow. You can get more information about this table by visiting www.mdfitalia.it.
  4. The Ping Pong dining table: The name derived from its dimension of a ping-pong table. The table, designed by a Singaporean designer Hunn Wai has six hand-lathed timber legs and Gold lacquered French rococo patterns embellish the black table surface. Visit www.hunnwai.com/ for information about this product.
  5. The Big Sur Dining Table: Perfect for dining room with natural theme, this dining table from Crate & Barrel will bring calm, natural ambience to your dining room. The Big Sur dining table is made from bulky natural wood for imposing look at your home dining room. To get more information about this product you can visit www.crateandbarrel.com.
  6. The Cervino Dining Table: The last piece on our modern dining room furniture comes from Italian Furniture developers, Cattelan Italia This modern and luxurious table rests on four beautifully designed marble legs with metal finishes. For further information about this furniture you can visit: www.cattelanitalia.com/

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