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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Plans

Now that you’ve had your two children grown up a bit, it is time to consider redecorating the kids bedroom! However, it is often that there’s only one room to spare yet you need two beds. Therefore, the obvious answer would be bunk beds!

Elegant Adrian White Finish Bunk Bed With Stair And Storage Drawers Or Trundle

The twin over full bunk bed is one of the popular types of such bed. In today’s post you will learn how to make one! Exciting isn’t it?

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First, you need to buy some wood and prepare drills and other necessary tools to make your own DIY bunk bed. The dimension of the bed we’re going to make is shown below:

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Building Plans

Next, you need to create the upper bed. It’s pretty simple, just make two identical footboards and build the simple bed. Remember, you don’t need a headboard for this top bunk for twin over full bunk bed plan. After you’re finished, build the bottom bunk. The bottom bunk should be larger than the top bunk to maximize the available space. Your children may argue about which is whose, but that phase will pass.

Unlike the top bunk, use headboard in both sides instead of footboard to add stability. After both of the bunks are done, connect them together. Drill holes and insert dowels to connect the beds’ foot. Drill a 1 inch wide, 3 inches deep hole in each of the bed footing. Connect the beds using 6 inches of hardwood dowels or metal headless bolts. Remember, you need to maintain precision every time.

Wooden Twin Over Full With Stairs Bunk Bed Plans For Kids

Now the last job would be adding the ladder. Measure the angle needed for the ladder and you can start creating a simple 15 inches wide ladder. Don’t forget to reinforce the ladder using glue and 2 inches screws. Don’t forget to paint the new bed with the favorite color of your children!

Creating a simple twin over full wood bunk bed is pretty challenging, but it can save you a lot of money. We estimate that the total cost should be no more than $150.

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