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Types of Replacement Glider Cushions

Many people are interested in using a glider chair due to a number of reasons. This kind of chair belongs to rocking chairs. Gliders or rocking chairs offer many benefits to the users. First of all, they don’t mark flooring. Unlike chairs that have legs, gliders sit on a stable base. So, you do not need to worry about your tile or wood floor getting damaged. If you are still worried, you can just put a small rug under the base. Second, compare to other rocking chairs, gliders have smoother rocking action so they are perfect for babies. Third, they can be an addition to luxurious indoor seating, making the whole room look better. Fourth, the come in various shapes and sizes to suit your space and style. Furthermore, it is easy to customize a glider rocking chair.


One way to customize your glider is by using replacement glider cushions. Cushions have been used for centuries. The main function of cushions is to provide comfort when sitting on the chair. They are placed on the top of the chair to make the surface soft. Cushions for gliders are nowadays available in numerous fabrics, colors, and patterns. If you think your glider looks dull, it is time to replace the cushions with the new ones. New cushions will give a new look to your glider and even to the whole room in an inexpensive way. More importantly, the cushions will protect your furniture, make it last longer.


There are several types of glider cushions depending on the material. There are two parts of questions; the padding and the cover. The padding is also called as the filling. The most popular filling material for cushion pad is man-made fiber. It is often used as cushion filling due to its warmth and softness that produce a bouncy feel. Fiber comes in a variety of thickness, coarseness, and length. Feather is another popular and widely used material for cushion filling. Feather cushions also fall into some subcategories. There are pure feather cushions (100{8f84ca136fe4ee3d0efb152966be4760f81233c85aa8eb2af5a2d7318cda68e1} made from duck or goose feather) and feather wrapped on a foam base. Feather cushion is soft and durable. It also adds a touch of elegance to the chair.


The most expensive cushion is the one made from down. Not only are down cushions luxurious, they are also super soft. In addition, down is durable and it is not heavy at all. You need to plump up down and feather cushions every day to make them last even longer and always look good.

There are cushions that are made to be ergonomic. Ergonomic cushions can give a better support to the body, especially the back, much better than regular cushions. Those who have problems on their back are suggested to use ergonomic cushions because these cushions can serve as a medical cure. Cushion padding also requires cushion covers. The cover will protect the cushion from stain, dust, and dirt. Common materials for cushion covers are leather, polyester, linen, and cotton. Both cushion filling and covers should be cleaned based on the manufacturer’s instruction to keep their longevity.



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