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Unfinished Furniture Seattle – The Best of Don Willis Furniture

There is no doubt that furniture is the main important thing for your home, because every room in your home needs the furniture. Therefore, it is not excessive if people give more attention to their furniture, because furniture can add the home accents and can fulfill the people need. Today, there are available so many furniture stores that provide variety furniture design and style. The price of furniture is also the variety, and if you want to get the affordable furniture price, you can try unfinished furniture. There are available unfinished furniture store around you, and today I’ll give you the best references of furniture store in Seattle.

What is Unfinished Furniture?

Before you want to know the furniture store location around Seattle, it will be better to know more about unfinished furniture. Some of you may don’t know what is unfinished furniture? Actually, this is the constructed furniture with high-quality raw wood boards. This furniture has not been sealed painted, treated, and stained. It means that, you are purchasing the complete control over how to finish it. Most of the people are enjoying buying the unfinished furniture, because they are free to customizing the furniture. they may choose the pattern, color, style, and furnishing based on their taste. Unfinished furniture is generally made from high-quality wood, because neither paint nor stain can disguise cracks, knots, blemishes, and other weakness.

unfinished wood furniture stores seattle

Unfinished Wood Furniture Stores Seattle – Laurelhurst Solid Oak Dining Set

Unfinished furniture is coming with low-cost, and of course it will be better than finished furniture. Unfinished furniture is usually coming from hardwood and softwood. The variety of softwood, such as fir, pine, and spruce, because they are literary softer. You can also mark them, with your fingernails. This is an advantage for you, because you can get an antique impression with your unfinished furniture. the hardwood material is also coming with variety wood; there are ash, maple, alder, and beech. They are most commonly oak and don’t absorb stain as readily, not get nicked as easily.

Unfinished Furniture Seattle – Don Willis Furniture

This is one of the unfinished furniture stores in Seattle; this is located in 10516 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125. If you want to get more information, you can call in the phone number (206) 524-9944 or visit in the site www.donwillisfurniture.com. The opening hour of this store for Monday to Friday, at 9.30 am to 7.00 pmwhile for Saturday at 9.300 am to 6.00 pm, and for Sunday at 12.00 pm until 5.00 pm. the especially of this furniture store are providing the solid that affordable and work with the local craftsmen. The furniture is made from high-quality wood and still made right here in Northwest.

Underhills Unfinished Furniture Seattle

Underhills Unfinished Furniture Seattle – Living Sofas Longbranch Verde

Don Willis Furniture was founded in 1948, by Don Willis, and he was a boat builder. He liked things solid,and he built his furniture with the same care that he built. Don Willis furniture has the furnished generations of Northwest homes with the furniture that made from solid wood and finished to match each family’s personal décor and style. Nowadays, Don Willis furniture is becoming one of the top 100 unfinished furniture stores in US. Of course, there are available so many unfinished furniture that suitable with your style and taste. Visit to the Don Willis Furniture, and enjoy shopping the unfinished furniture for your home-need.