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Value City Furniture Lexington Ky

2 Pc Sectional Ventana Value City Furniture

If you just move into the Lexington, KY and looking for some furniture, you may come across the Value City Furniture store in the city. Located in the 2321 Sir Barton Way Suite 170, the store is one of the 125 branches of Value City Furniture across the United States. Today we’re going to discuss a bit about the Value City Furniture store located in Lexington, and we will also provide our honest review for the store.

3 Piece Sectional Monarch Value City Furniture

The store has a long history of 65 years, but in Lexington KY the store is fairly new. It’s very easy to find the Sir Barton Way Suite area, and around the area there are several other furniture stores too. Being a relatively big name in the furniture industry, there are many options in this store including bedroom furniture, living room, dining room, entertainment furniture, furniture for home office; mattresses, couches and seats, accents, etc. The store also provides financing options and delivery. You can contact the store directly by calling (859) 519-1620.

5 Pc Sectional Aventura Value City Furniture

There have been some reviews for this store from the people who have visited them. Some say good things about the store while other people have some complaints. The highlight of the store is that it provides nice selection of items, and you can easily pick the ones that suit your taste and your budget.

5 Piece Sectiona Bongo Value City Furniture

Meanwhile, people who complained about the store typically have some trouble or misunderstanding with the customer service. One reviewer said that he and his wife visited the store and have to wander around for 45 minutes before a sales person comes to help them find what they are looking for. Another reviewer claimed that she bought a headboard that lacks bolts; returned to the store to see the customer service to get the required bolts but the customer service didn’t really listen to what she had to say.

6 Pc Sectional Aventura II Value City Furniture

Overall, I believe the complaints are manageable. However, should you visit the Value City Furniture in Lexington KY, we recommend to really paying attention to the piece that you buy and make sure that you get them in a perfect condition.if (document.currentScript) {