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Versatile Pop-Up Coffee Table Designs Offering Comfy Surface for Working with Laptop

If you like to work with a laptop in your living room while sitting on the sofa, then you need a special coffee table. The ordinary coffee table won’t be able to provide a comfortable work surface; what you really need is a pop-up coffee table. Since most coffee tables are low, they are just perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Meanwhile, the pop-up coffee table can lift up and even pull towards where you sit. You will be able to move the table surface closer to you.

pop up coffee table mechanism with black metal support and two bookshelf under the table

Pop-up coffee table is usually able to hold weight up to 30 pounds, so you can put one or two laptops there safely. Some contemporary models come with more than one adjustable top; each height can be set to what you need. When you lift up the table surfaces, then you will find an empty space underneath providing efficient storage for books, magazines, TV remote, or other items. In other words, pop-up coffee table is much more versatile than the general coffee tables. You can still use the furniture piece to enjoy snacks and cups of coffee together with family members.

simple pop-up coffee table supported by tough black metal base with three functional storage spaces

It’s an example of simple pop-up coffee table. The rectangular table employs wood as the main material, but the surface is supported by tough black metal base. The wooden piece stands on a white rug and accompanies a modern white sofa. They truly create cool combination in a living room. The table even has three functional storage spaces which you can encounter after lifting up the surface. The room owner may use the coffee table for playing video games while sitting relaxingly on the sofa. I’m sure the piece has brought life and style into the space.

An ordinary coffee table can be transformed into a pop-up table. The process is much easier than you may imagine. What you have to do is installing a lift mechanism with hinges under the table top. If you’re able to do it correctly, then the table will turn into a more functional piece. If you feel the DIY pop-up coffee table looks too simple, then just beautify it with a few small pots of greeneries. Then, you can use it as a work surface, laptop desk, game table, or television dinner table. I think every homeowner should consider replacing his or her existing coffee table with the one that features lifting top.

diy pop-up coffee table which transfor to be a laptop desk or game table

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