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Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table

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Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table – Money is the reason why many people get busy working every day. With every penny earned, they can buy something for their life. Things are different for people who have a great passion for something. They will work for what has been their passion, not for money. For them, the money they get from doing their passion is just a bonus. The most important thing is that they can make or do something based on their passion. Speaking about passion, the founder of Western Heritage Furniture, Tim McClellan is the perfect example of people who make a living from their passion. His dream about living around the woods and make something from what he got from surrounding comes true when he decided to moved west in 1989 and built the Western Heritage Furniture in 1992.

After years in the industry, Western Heritage Furniture has made so many furniture products. All the materials used are coming from the nearby area. Some of them the harvested solid wood, while some of them are reclaimed and weathered wood. All those types of material are mixed up, and the result is various beautiful quality furniture perfect for almost any style of home. One of the company’s great products, the Expanding Round Table deserves more attention. Its unique design can easily turn it to be the focal point at the room.

Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table

Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table is not supposed to be mass product. When the first time putting the pieces all together, the team was only doing it for customer in Wyoming, and it is supposed to be the only one. However, things were changing. Now the table that is inspired from Robert Jupe’s patented design available for those who want uniquely design round table to complete their home decoration.

Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table is built with user-friendly spinning mechanism. There will be no more hassle when doing the transformation because the craftsmen working at the Western Heritage Furniture has designed it to be very easy for both extending and pushing back the leaf of the table.  Other than that, this manual operation makes the table a perfect choice for those who have limited budget as the automatic one can cost us more than $100,000.

If you were a person who highly honored a value of thing, the Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round is the perfect choice for your dining room. Every order will be handled seriously for customer’s satisfaction, and the manual works will ensure the detail and finishing.

Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table

Another great thing offered by the Western Heritage Furniture is that we can make custom order. Just let the team know what would your table be looked like, and they will deliver it for you. The price could be different from one to another. It depends highly on the size and the specifications. It comes about $33,000 for the 60” -> 75” size, $34,500 for the 70” -> 85” of size, and $36,000 for the 80” -> 95”. The material used also affects the price, so it would be better to discuss with the company.

Western Heritage Furniture Expanding Round Table will easily improve your dining room both aesthetically and functionality.


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