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Wooden Venetian Blinds Review

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Venetian wooden blinds – Many people use wooden Venetian blinds for their home or office. This type of blinds is also widely found on the market nowadays. Compared to curtains, drapes, and blinds made of other materials, the Venetian blinds are more expensive. Although you need to spend more money for buying these blinds, they bring a number of benefits that cheaper products do not offer. First of all, they have an excellent ability to block out light. The blinds are made from wooden slats. When you pull down the blind, they block out the light but when you pull it up to some angle, a light will enter the room through it. It means that you can decide the amount of light you want to enter the room. In other words, you can control the light levels.

wide wooden venetian blinds wooden venetian blinds review

Being stylish is another advantage that these blinds offer. The blinds are able to make any rooms in your home or office look classy with their luxury and elegant style. This is what you cannot get with plastic blinds as plastic materials can cheapen the decoration of the room. Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of styles to match particular interior decoration. You can choose the stain and varnish level that goes well with the existing floor, wallpapers, and other furnishings. If later you want to revamp the room decoration, you do not need to buy new blinds. What you need to do is to re-stain or re-varnish the blinds and viola…you got a new look.

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The only downside of these blinds is being prone to dust and dirt. However, this is not a problem at all as these blinds are very easy to clean. Being easy to clean is, of course, another benefit. Even compared to plastic blinds, wooden slats are easier to clean.

wood venetian blinds for office room wooden venetian blinds review

For quick cleaning, what you need to do is just to angle the slats downward then wipe each slat with a wet cloth. Wood cleaner can be used too as well as other cleaning tools like the vacuum cleaner. But when you use the vacuum cleaner, clean it gently. After cleaning, you can polish the slats with wood polish.

They can also warp when exposed to moisture or high humidity continuously in a long period. It also happens with other furniture pieces made of wood as wood is known to be a natural material. In conclusion, Venetian blinds wooden are a great option for any rooms. They block light very well, allowing you to sleep tight during the day, have a huge variety of shades and styles, and are easy to clean. Although they also have some cons like the fact that the blinds are prone to dust and the wood material can fade away to extreme weather, these are nothing compared to the pros. Dust problem can be solved by frequently clean the blinds while in the case of extreme weather, it will give impact in very long time and as long as the blinds are not exposed to severe humidity, the blinds will be fine.

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