10 Cool Retro Style Furniture that You will Love in your Home

Cool Retro Style Furniture

There’s no doubt that retro style in furniture is back in a big way! Perhaps you have heard if you save your clothes or furniture for 20-30 years the designs will come back in vogue? Sometimes the styles don’t come back in the same exact materials, colors or performance of the design while this could be accurate but the original intent does resurface. Furniture design is like fashion in that designers get inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inspiration. In case you are looking to “update” your home with retro furniture but don’t know where to start, take a look at these 10 hot styles that are sure to remodel your house in a throwback way!

1. Choosing an era that you love for your interiors:

Retro furniture is really all about digging into the past ages of design styles and choosing the ones that you loved the finest. Plenty of homeowners like to choose mid-20th-century modern furniture that focus around from 1930’s – 1960’s. Determine what features you enjoy and that fit your design style while there is still a trend for 70’s and 80’s periods too. The furniture from each era has their share of colors, patterns, finishes and pop culture appeal that will resonate with every homeowner differently.

Cool Retro Style Furniture

2. Choose furniture that matches the architecture of your home:

Several homeowners pick furniture from the inside out, but others choose to let their furniture options are decided by the architecture of their home help. This really is ideal for homes that love to mimic streamlined retro furniture to counterbalance expansive views and windows. Numerous architects over recent eras were also furniture designers. Dig into history to learn if your favorite architectural style would fit up with your furniture too!

3. Retro lighting to illuminate in style:

If you love the retro metal arc floor lamp with the huge lampshade which was desired in the 1970’s gracing everyone’s living room or you favor the introduction of aluminum into wall and pendant fixtures of the late 1960’s – lighting was an essential element of retro furniture decor. Look for your preferred light manufacturers for light reproductions for your floor, walls, and ceiling in every retro style conceivable.

Cool Retro Style Furniture

4. Diner style kitchens that make you reminisce

Kitchens have come a long way in style over time and retro appliances and classic furniture that recreate a scene from your favorite greasy-spoon diner are a delightful and nostalgic trend.  The 1950’s design of family diners with high contrast color booths, metallic finishes, and as well the feeling of hanging out at the local neighborhood diner can be recreated in your kitchen nowadays. Andy Warhol’s pop art pieces with high contrast colors in your flooring, kitchen tiles, furniture mixed with pastel colored appliances or stainless steel appliances will make your kitchen sing.

Cool Retro Style Furniture

5. Choosing accessories that bring out retro appeal

Have you see the infamous 60’s inspired sunburst mirrors decorate the walls of your latest home interior magazines of dishware and much more, diverse sets along with retro clocks? If you are unsure if you want to take the full plunge into a retro-inspired decor or whether you’d choose to keep it subtle, try adding accessories all over your house. Pick colorful vintage metal tins to add nostalgia to a side table and attempt shopping for fantastic retro accessories in your favorite yard sales and online artisan communities.