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Luxurious Marble Top End Tables that Will Make You Never Get Enough

Marble Top End Tables – The end table is small but important furniture. People always feel never having enough end tables in their homes. The pieces provide a flat surface to put everyday items, like a TV remote, keys, book, etc. You can also use them to display candles, small sculpture, and accessories. The end table is usually placed beside a sofa or armchair, it’s often decorated with a lamp. There is a wide variety of end tables available in stores, but end tables with marble tops are the best choice if you want to give a luxurious touch to your home.

square end table with beige marble top perfect for livingroom with table lamp and sofa

Marble is a beautiful natural stone well known by homeowners in the past. The stone is often used as a material for floor, table, and artworks. Marble contains a few natural components including iron, salt, and silt, creating unique and beautiful patterns on the entire surface. Therefore, marble topped end tables are always able to make a statement. There are even several colors that you can choose. If your living room is already dominated by dark gray, you need to calm the nuance by placing a square end table with beige marble top beside the sofa. Beautify the surface with a unique DIY table lamp and horse sculpture.

two end tables in square shape and one in rectangular design in living room with wooden bookshelf

An end table is most often combined with a sofa or armchair, but the furniture can still appear remarkable when standing by itself. Just take a look at the three dark marble top end tables displayed; they do not accompany any seating at all. Two end tables come in square shape, while the other one has a luxurious rectangular design. They all have dark wooden legs featuring classic-style carvings. The owner uses the square end tables to display a few decorative items: a vase of flowers, a framed photo and table lamp. The rectangular one stands confidently on a marvelous floral rug.

Just like end tables in general, marble top end table is also a good friend for you to relax. If you set the piece beside an armchair, then you can put a cup of coffee there while you’re sitting and reading a book comfortably. Any homeowner who has purchased a marble top end table has made the right decision. Marble is a durable stone. Compared with other natural stones, however, marble tends to be more porous. Therefore, end table with marble top requires optimum maintenance. You will need to clean them regularly for making the surface to always look new and shiny. Routine cleaning can also prevent cracks or be pitting.

best placement marble top end tables with armchair as good friend for you to relax

two rectagular marble end tables and one square table with artistic sculpture