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Amazing Morningstar Bamboo Flooring

There are many good things said about bamboo flooring, yet there’s also an equal amount of complaints about this type of flooring. But the main secret to have amazing flooring lies in the way it is installed! You simply can’t treat bamboo flooring the same way with hardwood flooring. Here we are going to tell you the step by step tips, with Morningstar bamboo flooring as an example.

Morning Star Golden Zebra Strand Bamboo Flooring In Dining Room

Assuming that you have a concrete floor as the base, the first thing you need to do is to purchase the flooring, open it and allow the flooring tiles to acclimate for several weeks. While you wait, add a ¾ good plywood as the subfloor. Glue the plywood and nail it down into the concrete. Now after the bamboo flooring is successfully acclimated with the environment, you just need to follow the instruction from the manufacturer. After the gluing process is done, we advise to avoid stepping on the floor for 48 hours to allow the glue fully dry. We recommend using glue down method. If you are unsure what to do, it is best to contact professional installer.

Less Dark Colored Bamboo Caramelized Flooring In Master Bedroom

Now here’s a very important info: bamboo flooring may not suitable for every environment, therefore it is extremely important to be really sure that your house is suitable for this flooring. It basically hates high humidity, so if you want to avoid buckling don’t install it in a house with high humidity (always do moisture testing repeatedly before you decide to choose bamboo flooring).

Another good tip is to know that bamboo is more prone to scratch than hardwood. The darker the color, the softer the bamboo is. Most bamboo flooring manufacturers, including Morningstar doesn’t use coloring, but they initiate the caramelization of the sugar inside the bamboo wood by boiling it. The darker the bamboo color, the longer the process.

Morning Star Antique Strand Handscraped Bamboo Flooring

I think that is all for now. Share your experience using the bamboo flooring from Morningstar and give us some reviews!

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