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Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Apartment living room decorating ideas for a small room are needed to maximize the limited room available, especially in big cities. Many people live in big cities such as Tokyo, New York, Seoul or London has to live with the fact that space for live is horribly expensive. Most of middle class or working class in such cities can only afford living in apartment or maybe even a studio apartment. Smaller apartment meaning smaller living room, thus apartment living room decorating ideas are desperately needed.

According to Toronto based decoration writer, Mary Jane, people can make small apartment living room appears larger than it actually is by placing the furniture in a certain way. In order to help you decorate your apartment living room here we provide some apartment living room decorating ideas with the purpose that you can still make your living space comfortable, stylish and inviting despite the limited space. Without much further ado here are the instructions:

Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

  • The very first step you have to do when decorating a small apartment living room is to choose the focal point of the room among the fixtures and furniture in the apartment such as a fireplace, or a family TV stand. Choose the focal point carefully because you’ll have to place the rest of decoration around it.

Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas With TV

  • Choose a theme or style for the living room. Based on the focal point and your interest, decide on one style and theme: it could be either Mediterranean, contemporary, modern, or classic. Simple apartment living room decorating ideas to choose a single style or theme for the living room will make your room looks more tidy and neat instead of cluttered and disorganized when you choose to mash up different styles furniture in one room.
  • Around the focal point you previously choose, place your seating as comfortable as possible. It is recommendable to choose a small love seat for two instead of a bigger couch to prevent the room being too cramped. Add one or two smaller chairs to complement the love seat depend on space available.

Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

  • Add the coffee table. For small apartment living room it is better for you to go for two smaller coffee tables instead of one bigger one. This way you can easily move the table around when you need more space.

apartment living room decorating ideas pictures

  • Let natural sunlight in. Ideal Construction LLC says, “The best lighting to create impression of a bigger room is the natural light coming in from the windows thus avoids placing tall furniture against the window that will prevent the natural sunlight entering the room.” Contact a professional company if you need assistance updating your windows to allow the natural light to enter your room.
  • Maximize the space by utilizing the height. Choose shelving units that stand tall against the wall to maximize space, however make sure you leave some wall space remains visible to create bigger room impression.

Apartment Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas

  • Avoid putting too much unnecessary decoration that will make the room looks cluttered and messy. Limit the accessory in the room based on its necessity.
  • The last in our apartment living room decorating ideas is to place big mirror in the room that will create illusion of space.


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