Beautiful Artistic Lights Perfect Addition to Your Home

Lighting plays a very important role in interior design. However, it would offer something more than just its functionality when designers decided to include artistic touch to their work. Below shared examples of lights that might elevate the atmosphere where they were installed.

Artistic Lights for Your Home

Designer: Coelux

The first in this article, there is this lights from Coelux. The nanotechnology inside of the lights gives it ability to reproduce natural light indoors.

By looking at it, we could not tell whether it is a light fixture or just an artwork. The inspiration of this light comes from the exclusion that women experience in Islam as well as in Pakistan.

The next one there is this icy looking light from Arturo Erbsman Studio. The idea behind it is to create icicle from the water collected from the hanging metal structure on the tree brand.

Richard Clarkson offers a beautiful light that resembles the shape of storm cloud. Along with the interactive lamp and speaker, this lamp is mesmerizing.