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Board Kitchen – A Compact Piece of Kitchen Unit from Snaidero


Everything has changed, so does the furniture design. Restless designers just cannot stay put. Their mind leads them to creation, and that is what keeps happening. Today, as we can see, the scenery in furniture display has changed. The latest designs come with fewer ornaments and mostly focus on the functionality. Snaidero, the Italian kitchen manufacturer, tried to fulfill most people’s expectation of a product that is affordable, functional, aesthetically appealing, and versatile. The manufacturer’s attempt resulted in the form of a kitchen furniture piece called Board kitchen. This design has all what most people expect in modern kitchen furniture design, aesthetic, functionality, and versatility.


For the Board Kitchen project, the company appointed designer Pietro Arosio as the one to deal with the design. The main feature of this totally suspended operating unit is that it combines the functionality and comfort while also making a structural impact to the home and improving home’s aesthetical aspect. We can move freely while preparing and cooking a dish using the two operating zones that can be used simultaneously. The structure can be hidden in the storage area and popped when needed.


What would we find in the operating unit? As for the feature offered in the operating unit, it has everything the users need to prepare a meal and cleaning the dish. There are two size options of Board Kitchen offered. They are the 120 cm and the smaller one, 90 cm model. If you live in studio flat or bachelor apartments, or anywhere that space becomes a big issue, the 90 cm model can be perfect solution for you. It only misses the studio flats or bachelor apartments, whilst the large-scale operating unit offers the added advantage of an innovative system of dynamic chopping blocks that we can find in the larger model of Board Kitchen. The chopping blocks serve as additional work surface that come with sliding mechanism.

Board Kitchen of Snaidero can be perfect additional piece in your kitchen no matter what the style of your design is. It offers great functionality that improves the value of the kitchen while also works as the aesthetical upgrade to our kitchen.

board-kitchen-by-pietro-arosio-modern-kitchen-design by-snaidero-with-dynamic-chopping-blocks-board-kitchen