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Charming Makeup Organizer IKEA Decor Inspiration

Charming and Lovely Black IKEA Makeup Organizer with Drawer and Storage

I am always amazed seeing my wife’s tools – the makeup. She always seemed to have trouble organizing them, especially because there are so many kinds of makeup. Eventually, the tables in the bedroom become too cluttered. I know many of my friends who end up hiding their collection of makeup simply because there’s not enough room.

But that's an old story. Today furniture companies have created makeup organizers, which makes it easier to find the correct makeup piece! In fact, you can even put your makeup as a display! There are lots and lots of version for a makeup organizer, including the ones from IKEA, such as IKEA makeup organizers.

Dark Wood IKEA Makeup Organizer with Storage Cart

Getting a see-through makeup organizer is an excellent idea if you are planning to show your make up off. We use this idea in our house mainly because the see-through glass of the organizer really ‘forces’ us to be tidy. Over the time, the people in the house get used to be tidy, at least for the makeup part.

IKEA Makeup Vanity Organizer with DIY Custom Drawer

That being said, if you prefer something with more privacy you can opt for opaque organizer or other style that has a less see-through glasses for the container doors. You can even choose the ones that have doors from solid materials such as wood.

Makeup Storage IKEA Helmer Drawer

In IKEA you can find many different kinds of makeup organizers, from the see-through to the concealed containers. The choice is always yours. In fact, some of the interior designers use a cabinet that’s not made as a makeup organizer to store or hide the cluttered makeup away.

Sleek White IKEA Makeup Vanity Storage Organizer with White Cabinet

If you want something that is truly unique, instead of buying the furniture in IKEA you can make them your own! There are many ideas posted online about the DIY makeup organizer, such as using a distressed wood board, tea saucers, etc. So what do you think?

Transparent Acrylic IKEA Makeup Organizer

White Wooden Lipstick Organizer IKEA