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Coffee Table made out of Boeing 777 Wheel – Extraordinary Piece with Unorthodox Material

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Boeing Coffee Table with Round Glasstop Table

As we have mentioned million times, creativity doesn’t have any limits. It can take the form anything, come from anywhere, and be made of anything. The best example for that is this extraordinary coffee table. The main material used to create this beautiful coffee table is a Boeing 777 wheel, a very extraordinary as well as unorthodox choice of material to create furniture product. It took no less than 120 hours to complete this one table, and we have to admit that the result is beyond imagination. It comes out from a part of an aircraft, and now it turns into something that acts as an extra area to serve drinks.

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Round Glasstop Coffee Table Made from Boeing 777 Wheel Table

The completely manually finished piece is completed with beautiful transparent glass tabletop. The decision to use transparent glass tabletop is not without any clear reason. It is to provide the users beautiful scenery of the main element of this coffee table, the polished aluminum Boeing 777 wheel. The designer of this coffee table is still unclear, but one thing certain is it was produced in the United Kingdom by somebody named Harry. Seeing this coffee table, it reminds us to another table made of part of an aircraft named the Cylinder Radial Engine Table.

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Hand Polished Project Boeing Coffee Table

A genuinely stunning piece of engineering beauty, these fantastic items are limited to less than five a year due to their rarity. Beautifully intricate and distinctive, this wheel undergoes our painstakingly meticulous preparation and hand-finishing process, taking over 120 hours and resulting in a striking highly polished surface, with detailing picked out in perfectly complementing, almost irridescent blue. The wheel interior is powder coated black and sitting on top is a 40” piece of toughened glass, completing a truly desirable piece of aviation art.
H : 52 cm
Wheel Dia: 93 cm
Glass Dia: 102 cm

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Metalic Themed Boeing Coffee Table with Round Glasstop

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Silver Round Coffee Table with Glasstop made from Boeing 777 Wheel

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Boeing Coffee Table Project with Silver and Gold Color Combination

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Manual Polished Aluminum Boeing 777 Wheel Table

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Beautiful Scenery of the Main Element of Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table Smooth Being Coffee Table Design with Round Glasstop