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Converting a Chest of Drawers into a Luxurious Media Chest for Bedroom

The need for entertainment is getting greater in this modern time. Therefore, many people like to bring entertainment equipments, especially TV, DVD player and speakers into their bedrooms. This allows them to enjoy movie and music while sitting or lying down comfortably on a bed. Without a good organizer, however, the equipments can create clutter. If you want to add your bedroom with TV, purchasing a new media chest is actually not necessary. Just use the existing chest of drawers as a unit to organize the entertainment equipment. Here are more ideas to convert a chest of drawers into a media chest for bedroom.

comfort master bedroom with media chest with TV and media console

The converting process won’t require you to do difficult tasks. You just need to place a chest of drawers on the right area of your bedroom. It will provide you a surface to station your TV. Make sure the piece is not too far from the bed for allowing you to watch TV while lying down relaxingly. To avoid the electronic device falls backward, you should set the media chest against a wall. You can still use the drawers below to store your clothes. The furniture is very multifunctional, right?

elegant chest of drawers for bedroom with collection of DVDs and music CDs

Great chest of drawers usually also comes with shelves located underneath the top. Well, I suggest you to use the shelves to put DVD player, mini speakers, or other small electronic equipments. If you have a large collection of DVDs and music CDs, you will need to move all clothes inside the drawers into other storage, like wardrobe or closet. Then, keep the DVD’s and music CD’s neatly on each drawer. Those ways will greatly contribute in avoiding cluttered mess in your bedroom.

Most chests of drawers are made of wood. If you want to make them appear more elegant, then paint them in black or another dark color. Another way to make statement is mounting TV on wall behind a media chest. It will evoke a more modern impression, but you can only do this with a flat-screen television. The media chest top then will provide you an empty surface to display some expensive artworks.

wooden chests of drawers with mounted flat-screen television on wall

Today’s people always have new ways to use an item; I hope you can also use your chest of drawers in a new way. I’m sure that converting a chest of drawers into a media chest for bedroom will become trend among modern homeowners. The simplest media chest can even add any bedroom with a little luxury.

stunning bedroom furnishing with wooden media chest with TV and DVD player}