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Craftsman Workbench with Drawers

Facom 2m Industrial Craftsman Workbenches with Drawers units

A workbench is an essential tool any DIYers should have. In fact, in our personal opinion, any grown up man should have one. This time, we’d like to talk about one of the cabinet workbench from Craftsman, the one I used for a few months now.

The workbench that I used had a nice set of drawers comes preinstalled, it is very suitable because I did need the drawers to put some miscellaneous working stuff there. In terms of size, I do think that most of the Craftsman workbenches have a good average size, which has about 6-8 feet wide and 2-feet tall.

Nice Woodworking Craftsman Workbench with Drawers and Storage

The size fits perfectly with my garage, so I have no complaints about that. But then again the best size of the workbench and the configuration really depends on which kind of work you are doing on it and the location of the workbench.

People who love to play around with electronic work would appreciate a desk-like workbench which size is relatively small. On the other hands, woodworkers would love a long workbench that allows you to easily put a piece of wood there.

Small Workbench with Drawers Plan by Craftsman

It’s a bit funny that the ideal workbench seems to be so good and organized, yet the reality shows that the workbench often becomes a cluttered space with many things put here and there. Therefore, I have one personal requirement for a good workbench: drawers.

Red Wooden Craftsman Workbench with Drawers

Drawers are a great way to easily store things of the same type (or simply to hide them from the table). The drawers can be put under the workbench or above the workbench, as long as it is easy to reach. Making the full use of Craftsman pegboard backwall is also a good idea because you can hang the most common tools there for easy access.

How to Make a Craftsman Workbench with Drawers- Plans

Elegant Red industrial Craftsman Workbench With Drawers

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