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Fortunoff Outdoor Furniture Review

With 3 years after its comeback Fortunoff outdoor furniture has become favorite furniture to decorate the backyard or garden for many decoration enthusiasts. Fortunoff was originally a legendary New York Based retailer of Jewelry, home and furniture store founded almost one century ago in 1922 by Max and Clara Fortunoff on Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn New York. The company reached its heyday once they opened their flagship shop in Westbury, Long Island in 1964. Unfortunately Fortunoff are forced to close their store after they declare bankruptcy in 2009.

Fortunoff then tried to claw back from bankruptcy when the descendants of Max and Clara Fortunoff claimed and reacquired the right on intellectual property and website of the original Fortunoff. Since then Fortunoff outdoor furniture through its backyards stores are back in business as well as online jewelry retail. Since the brand re-opened they now have a total of ten stores including three new Fortunoff Backyard stores in Springfield and Livingston, New Jersey (opened since January) and Yonkers, New York (opened since March). The opening of new backyard stores sends a message to its customer that Fortunoff try its best to make their product, the Fortunoff outdoor furniture, become more accessible especially in tri state area.

Fortunoff Outdoor Patio Furniture

Quality of Fortunoff Outdoor Furniture

Speaking of quality, the new revived Fortunoff backyard stores still keep the tradition of retail value and excellence. You can visit the official website of Fortunoff Backyard stores at www.fortunoffbys.com/ and find wide range of outdoor furniture and accessories collection with excellent quality. The assortment of Fortunoff outdoor furniture collection and accessories are perceptibly able to extend the level of style and comfort of any garden and backyard through impeccable design and quality material. In addition to the quality of the product, getting your furniture from Fortunoff is also means that you can also enjoy Fortunoff’s legendary customer service that will make your furniture hunting process become way easier and more comfortable.

Fortunoff Outdoor Furniture Covers

Each Fortunoff Backyard Stores are spacious with the size ranging from 12,000 to 34,000 square feet. Each store has complete collection of more than 100 outdoor furniture sets in various styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics. The Fortunoff Bernard Sensale mentioned in the official website www.fortunoffbys.com/ that Fortunoff try to add element of contemporary style and sophistication in their latest Fortunoff outdoor furniture collection by adding vibrant color and more daring outdoor furniture design.

One of the new “breakthroughs” in the furniture design is the semi-large table size that can accommodate large number of people. It’s perfect for family gathering in the garden r by the pool. In addition the table’s height is also altered between a bar set and a dining table set to facilitate warmer and more comfortable conversation as well as encouraging a social gathering atmosphere.

Fortunoff Outdoor Furniture Retailer

Overall the “new” Fortunoff offers excellent collection of outdoor furniture and accessories, as well as friendly and professional customer service. You can also get many purchase bonuses by shopping in Fortunoff such as discount, sale prices, no tax, free product and so on.


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