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Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

We’ve been trying to write about this for a while, and we’re glad we finally find some time to write about Himalayan crystal salt lamp review!

Beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp Accessories

By definition, the Himalayan salt lamp is explanatory. It’s a big chunk of salt taken from Himalaya, carved and then it is turned into light by placing a small lamp bulb inside. There are many imitation of this salt crystal lamps Himalayan made from regular rock salt, so it is important to ensure that you get the real one. Interestingly, the salt is food grade and you can actually use it for improving your cooking.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Many believes that the natural salt lamp emits negative ions, which is believed that it will be able to restore the air quality by balancing the positive ions produced by electronics in our house and ultimately improve one’s health. Unfortunately, there’s no current scientific evidence that support this claim. However, there are many other reviewers that said that they feel better after continuously using the lamp as a therapy, although most of them said that it only reduces the symptoms.

That said, we still believe that the lamp is an excellent decoration piece. I have to admit that I was charmed in the first time I saw this lamp. It has a very soothing aura and a great amber ambience that goes perfect with the glass cabinet I had in my living room. I place two amber-like Himalayan salt lamps, and people compliment them all the time.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulbs

There’s another one that I bought for the bedroom, and I place it at the bedside table. This one looks like a basket filled with small gems, which is again, artistic and amazing! I also find it very easy to clean, so it’s a perfect ornament for both my bedroom and living room.

All in all, despite the negative ion controversy, I think this can be a great option for your interior design. Tell us your Himalayan salt lamp benefits and share the story here!

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