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Incredible Inspirations of Space-Saving Furniture for Small Apartment

Dealing with small apartment, dozens of examples for space-saving furniture for small apartment to maximize the living area arrange some objects and also give the modern edge to the house. We have already had 4 categories of furniture for space-saving area. Here they are:

  1. Hidden Storage
  2. Bookcases
  3. Sofas and Seating with Apartment-Size
  4. Multifunctional Furniture for Apartment-Size

studio living furniture design ideas incredible inspirations of space-saving furniture for small apartment

In this case, we also have several inspirations for color accents to make your own space. It is suggested to take about a week time for you to clean and organize your place. Donate or discard any furniture you do not need or have not used for long time, such as closets or cabinets. Once the furniture has been sorted, now you can give fresh touch by painting the wall. After all, it is time for you to personalize the space!

Hidden Storage

It is often hard to keep the small apartment always look uncluttered since the storage is limited and objects without a storage often ends up in piles on the floor and any other surface. Even the storage solution such as jars, boxes or basket often adds the clutter problem.

the useful list of hidden storage in small apartment ideas incredible inspirations of space-saving furniture for small apartment

Dealing with this case, hidden storage is the solution. Hiding some necessities behind the doors or other cover-ups will give the apartment clean look and minimalist feel. Besides, it also allows the other furniture like sofa and a piece art to be the focal point of the room.

  1. West Elm Modern Weave Tall Lidded Storage can fit best as a smart side table with some storage inside.
  2. CB2 Peek Shelf with Mirror will hide any clutter things behind a mirrored panel.
  3. West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table can open to reveal storage beneath the surface.

**Tip: although some furniture may not be designed especially for hidden storage, but you can still be creative to use them.


Bookcases come to be a lifesaver when we deal with living room. They are available in some varieties of colors, sizes and shapes. Picking up the bookcase is not only for functional but also attractiveness. Somehow, bookcase is not only furniture. It can be room divider, home office complement, house collection of items, and armless sofa bookend.

bookcases ideas for small apartment furniture incredible inspirations of space-saving furniture for small apartment

  1. Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit without back is a perfect choice for room divider.
  2. Mercury Row Draco Bookcase at waifair.com is elegant and polished look.
  3. Container Store Driftwood Aspect Shelving Unit is made from lightweight steel with less than 12 inches of depth.

**Tip: you can also choose to hang a shelves or wall-mounted bookcase in 18-20 inches off the ground and tuck an ottoman, bench or even cube underneath so it can be pulled out when you need an additional seat.

Multifunctional Furniture for Apartment-Size

Dealing with limited space, the last thing you can do is having an obstacle course of furniture to weave rough. Think about what you need to enjoy your area. It means, you need to select a piece of furniture that has double duty. Some multifunctional furniture that fits best to this method is:

  • A sofa table: it can be used for makeshift dining table, entryway table, or a desk. You can choose a narrow 30 inches of height of sofa table with shelving.
  • An ottoman: a storage ottoman can convert your sofa into a chaise section or even fit for coffee table (available with tray for stability) or even extra seat.
  • A bench: it can work as dining room seat, a low media cabinet or even a coffee table.

the list of multifunctional furniture to use in small apartment incredible inspirations of space-saving furniture for small apartment

  1. Wildon Home Patio Coffee Table Set at Waifair.com with four tucking that can be combined to have large round ottoman.
  2. Baxton Studio Ellen Gray Accent Table Cabinet at overstock.com: you can tuck it into a sofa to have an adjustable height of laptop desk.
  3. Roost Recycled Wood Nesting Console Table at modhistore.com: it is four set that can be used for sofa tables, a bench or a desk.

Sofas and Seating with Apartment-Size

Dealing with apartment-size sofa and seating, the companies such as West Elm and CB2 have manufactured whole range of small apartment-size for sofa and seating for one good reason that is sofa is the most consuming-space in the house. For this option, you can choose any modern and streamlined style with more slender arms because less arm space can also means more seat while in fact, an armless sofa is the last space-saving solution for seating.
sofa and seating ideas for small apartment ideas incredible inspirations of space-saving furniture for small apartment

  1. West Elm Heath Sofa, small scale with no sacrificing classic style.
  2. Ikea Ekero Armchair, with reversible back cushion and slender arms for area challenged.
  3. Euro Style Calais Dining Chairs (set of 2) at 2bemob.com can work not only for ding rooms but also any space.

Finally, do not need to give up to your small apartment. Just give it the high-design look like you always want it and those inspirations could help you in reaching the best design you wish.