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Mid Century Modern Furniture Reproductions

If you are searching for quality mid century modern furniture reproductions then you should consider visit Modern Classics Store. The furniture store provides a wealthy collection of quality mid century modern furniture reproductions that will add elegance and sophistication to your home or office. In its website at modernclassics.com Modern classic also claim that its main commitment is to create quality duplication in term of the appearance, function and scale of the original design of the modernist/ classic era as close as possible. To achieve this level of quality and replication details, the store that also manufacture its products, hires the best craftsmen from around the world and uses only the best available materials. With the effort it’s expected that the customers are able to get quality modern classic furniture at the most reasonable price.

mid century modern furniture for sale

The Modern Classic furniture store offers wide range of mid century modern furniture reproductions from dining room chairs, office chairs, Living room chairs, stools, ottomans, loveseats, sofas, living room tables, dining room tables, daybeds, chaise loungers and benches. The furniture are designed by some well known designers such as: Marcel Breuer, Eileen Gray, Finn Juhl, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Arne Jacobson.

If you are interested in ordering some mid century modern furniture reproductions from Modern Classic it is recommendable that you read the ordering information as written in the store official website www.modernclassics.com.

Mid Century Reproduction Sofa

Mid Century Modern Furniture Reproductions – Ordering Information:

  • Customer’s own Material: To be able to order furniture crafted with your own material you have to send the material to the store in Bellingham or ask them to order it for you. You will also have to pay for the entire shipment fees including the material’s shipping to the store’s Hong Kong office.
  • The Price: The price of all mid century modern furniture reproductions from Modern Classic are listed in U.S Dollars and do not include sales taxes and shipping charges. The store will contact you if there are additional shipping charges.
  • Ordering time: Most of mid century modern furniture reproductions from Modern Classic are pre order and made at the store factory. Your furniture will be ready in about 8-10 weeks after the order placed. Meanwhile for some in-stock items the store claims that they can ship the product within three days.
  • Place your orders: To order furniture at Modern Classics is actually quite simple. You can simply order by phone at 800-733-1143 or send a fax at 360-733-6401. You can order from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM. At this stage you have to pay 50{8f84ca136fe4ee3d0efb152966be4760f81233c85aa8eb2af5a2d7318cda68e1} of the furniture whole price for non refundable deposit.
  • Order Cancelation: In the event that the customer wants to cancel their order, the store will accept with a condition that the 50{8f84ca136fe4ee3d0efb152966be4760f81233c85aa8eb2af5a2d7318cda68e1} deposit money can only be refunded on the store product with common color choices.
  • Return and Exchange: If in rare case the customer doesn’t happy with the quality of purchased product he/she will have 30 days to return the product for refund, product replacement or purchase price credit.

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