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Modern Design Furniture: Dining Table

For those who are seeking versatility and functionally without sacrificing aesthetic value for their home decoration the usage of modern design furniture is one of the best options. According to Connor R. Sullivan from ezinearticles.com modern furniture is the result of full creativity, imagination and freedom of expression of furniture designer to create functional and beautiful furniture with economic resources and modern techniques. Most of modern design furniture boast clean lines and sleek style as well as usually crafted from tabular steel, iron, plywood, aluminum and chrome plating.

To choose the right modern design furniture for your home, especially main table for your dining room a keen eye for beauty and quality is needed. Not all modern dining tables are crafted with quality in design, material and manufacturing techniques, thus you have to be careful in choosing it.

The Tavoli Dining Table

In order to help you spotting the best modern design furniture for your home we provide a list of top dining table as point of reference. The list is obtained from a trusted websites for furniture review freshome.com. Without much further ado here is the list:

  • The Artu Dining Table:

The first on our list come from Celico design, boasting a sleek, simple and elegant yet imposing glass surface with the addition of silver, gold or black finish for the table’s legs. You can get more information about this product at www.colico.com.

Artu Dining Table

  • The InducTable:

If you are looking for modern design furniture that looks sleek, versatile and high tech you may want to take a look at this excellent InducTable. This table main selling point is its ability to serve as a cooking table with an integrated grill by utilizing thermochromic glass ceramic. Pretty high tech stuff right?

The InducTable

  • The Action Dining Table:

This table produced by Arredamenti Diotti can accommodate a big family dinner up to 10 people with its extendible glass top. To find more information about this product visit www.arredamentidiotti.it.

The Action Dining Table

  • The 3751 Dining Table from Selva:

This beautiful dining table is created by an Italian furniture company Selva. The main selling points of this dining table are the quality materials used and modern, sleek design. Visit www.selva.com to get a closer look of this beautiful modern design furniture.

The 3751 Dining Table

  • The Brera Dining table:

Boasting clean, sleek and timeless design, this dining table from Cattelan Italia is perfect for stylish and modern dining room. The Italian furniture manufacturer able to mix wood, glass and metal into a timeless and excellent modern design. The table comes in two choice of the surface: crystal clear white varnished tempered glass or Canaletto Walnut. It also has four variant for finishes: Varnished polished white, stainless steel, Walnut Canaletto and dark grey steel. To find out more about this dining table you can visit www.cattelanitalia.com.

The Brera Dining table

  • The ET 1500 Dining Table:

Without fancy name this table designed and created by Hulsta still looks luxurious and deluxe, definitely a high-end dining table. The size of this table is enough to accommodate the whole family in a dinner. For more information about this dining table you can visit www.huelsta.co.uk.

The ET 1500 Dining Table

More Dining Table with Modern Design Furniture :

  • The Drop Dining Table:

Amazing design and beautiful insertions make the Drop Dining Table one of the best choices for a modern home.

The Drop Dining Table

  • The Goccia Dining Table with Integrated Faucet:

Redefining the traditional use of space, this table with an integrated faucet is perfect for small places, where multi-functional items are very important.

The Goccia Dining table with integrated faucet

  • The Icarus Dining Table:

Made from wenge stained cherry wood and covered with a transparent glass top surface, the Icarus Dining Table was designed by M. Marconi and T. Zapa.

The Icarus Dining Table

  • The Deco Console Table

Versatility is the most important feature of this table: it can easily transform from an elegant console table into a dining table with room for six guests. It can be purchased from Italian furniture company Ozzio.com.

The Deco Console Table

  • The Vita Dining Table

Designer Thos Moser wanted this table to be an amazing design that would create the perfect dining experience. Having an eight-foot-long cherry veneer tabletop and a bent laminated base, the Vita Dining Table expresses the designer`s wish to build a perfectly balanced product.

The Vita Dining Table


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