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Modern Furniture Stores in Lexington KY

Did you just move into Lexington, KY? Getting a new house in this area is the easy part. The next hard part would be finding the furniture that fits into your preferred decoration style. After getting around the city you may have seen several Lexington furniture stores, but apparently there are so many options available; making people who just moved in this city to ask this question: which furniture store is good?

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY Modern and Elegance Dining Set - Modern Home Furniture

We understand that there’s a lot going on your life, so obviously you don’t want to spend your valuable time to visit each of the stores. Therefore, please allow us to enlighten you with our own personal picks of the popular furniture stores in the city:

Best Furniture Shops in Lexington KY

Modern Home Furniture

Also known as the Furniture for Today’s Home, the store is located at 1050 E New Circle, Rd. What makes us love this store is that they have interesting furniture with good qualities, but they have very reasonable price. In fact, most of the time we think that the store is cheaper than another furniture store. What’s more, if you can’t find what you want you can just talk to the owner and he will likely help ordering one for you, for a cheaper price!

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY Modern Mid Century Cabinet - Modern Home Furniture

Another Man’s Treasure

This store is located at the Stonewall Center, 2550 Regency Rd. While they are not suitable for online shopping (they have a rather slow response on the mailing section), the store is a great place to visit. What makes them excellent is the personal customer care that is very helpful and friendly! This is one of the locally-owned stores.

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY Oak Cabinet - Another Man's Treasure

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY Another Man's Treasure Black Cabinet

American Freight Furniture and Mattress

Located at 272 W, New Circle Rd, the American Freight Furniture and Mattress is a great place to find mattresses and sofas. The price is reasonable, and what makes this store great is the sales representative. Everybody hates the sales representatives that are too pushy, but the SP here really respects you and your choice. Just explain which furniture that you want and the amount of budget that you have and they will help you find your options.

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY ZigZag Sectional Sofa with Cushion and Black Pillow by American Freight Furniture

Furniture Stores in Lexington KY Elegance Black and White Marble Bedroom Suite by American Freight Furniture