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Reasons for Using Plastic Drawers for Clothes

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Generally, storage drawers plastic for clothes are used in students’ dorms or children’s rooms, but nowadays more people start to use plastic drawers because they are lightweight and practical. There are still many other reasons why plastic drawers are getting popular. The first reason is because they are cheap. You can check the stores and you will find the inexpensive set of drawers in a wide range of sizes and colors. Now you do not need to break the bank for classy wooden drawers. High-end wooden dressers are undoubtedly adorable but not everyone needs this kind of luxury. Sometimes what you need is a simple set of plastic drawers to store your clothes.

plastic 15 slots compartment adjustable jewelry necklace clear storage box case holder craft organizer reasons for using plastic drawers for clothes

Some people especially those who live in a small apartment or dorm prefer to use plastic drawers because they are lightweight and easy to move around. Being lightweight is the other benefit that wooden dressers do not offer. Perhaps you plan to move into a new house someday. With these plastic drawers, moving out will be no problem. You can just move the drawers to anywhere you want efficiently and safely even without the help of other people. It reduces the risk of injury caused by moving heavy and bulky furniture. Another benefit is that plastic drawers are very easy to clean. You do not need a special cleaner to clean them.

cheap plastic drawers for clothes reasons for using plastic drawers for clothes

So, plastic drawers can be the perfect option for your clothing storage. They are cheap, lightweight, and tremendously easy to clean. Some recommended products are listed here. The first is Sterilite storage cart. This cart consists of three. The cart is however very small. It is very lightweight. It is ideal for storing your children’s toys and clothing. You can buy this product at a very cheap price, for about $20 in Wal-Mart. Can you imagine how cheap it is?

simple closet with plastic drawers on the right reasons for using plastic drawers for clothes

If you need larger drawers, consider plastic storage drawers from Akro-Mils. They have eight drawers and durable frame. You can buy this large set of plastic drawers for $40 from Amazon.com. And do not forget Target. They have an incredible collection of plastic drawers. There are six plastic storage drawers framed in a metal cart which looks superb cool. The cart is completed with wheels meaning that moving around is very easy with it.

The aforementioned products are just a few options you can consider. There are still many other options. Whichever you choose, make sure you only buy quality plastic drawers, ones that you won’t regret later on. Most importantly, decide the size. In determining the size, you should decide what exactly you intend to store. Are they just clothes? Or, you might want to store something else in there. You might need drawers with a set of dividers inside to store jewelry and other small precious items. The number of things you plan to store also determines the size. You also need to decide the color of your plastic drawers. Color, for some people, is a big deal. It has something to do with the room decor.

children thick plastic drawer storage cabinets lockers baby shoe wardrobe chest of drawers organize cabinets cartoon box reasons for using plastic drawers for clothes

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