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REK Coffee Table – Space-Saving Furniture

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REK Coffee Table Design

Space has turned into big issue lately. We feel that our home is getting smaller by day because we keep bringing in stuffs. Every time we see new product, we just buy it without thinking about the space that is getting limited. With the area in our home comes more limited as time goes, there is this REK extending coffee table. Created by Reinier de Jong Design, this coffee table could be perfect option for those who need new furniture for their small home. The main feature of REK is that we can extend it in several ways, which are including straight or sideways. This coffee table has been also equipped with built-in stops to help us avoiding overextend it or extend it to wrong direction. There are beveled edges that work as cut-out grip to start sliding the table.

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REK extending coffee table comes with three dimensions. They are 60 x 80 cm to a maximum of 60 x 160 cm and 80 x 120 cm. REK coffee table is available in two finishing options, oak veneered and plain white. REK is made of solid wood, except the edges that are made from solid hpl. We can also get a chance to have REK with total oak wood finish through special order.

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Modern Design Coffee Table

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