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Rustic Dining Room Furniture

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Keep your walls and furniture light in color as well as weight, bare and whimsical in nature. Believe the more imperfections, as well as simple essentials the better!

With modern dining furniture or dark wood you’ll be able to transform the design with a good weathered appearance by painting it a creamy pale color and then sanding it or sanding it lightly.

Add textural interest with a soft faux finished wall, a classic area rug, or by stenciling an easy pattern on the doors of your hutch and buffet.
In case your resources are limited you can use whatever furniture you do have and accessorize with items that are rustic. Hang or throw a handmade crocheted or lace tablecloth over a buffet for an authentic touch dried blossoms in artistic manner on the wall.

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Blue and Beige Dining Room Antique Mirror

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