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Shabby Chic Bedding Target for Beautiful Bedding Sets

The popularity of shabby chic interiors keeps increasing. It also applies for bedding. With the impression of age and use, shabby chic bedding creates a comfy and wonderful bedroom decor. The style is far from being grubby. Instead, it crafts careworn beauty and elegance. There are many ways to get the look of shabby chic. The most important thing is to choose the right color for your bedding. White is most classic shabby chic color. Shabby chic style, however, does not use only a single color. There are some color combinations. Usually, white or off white is combined with pink, yellow, mint, and other pastel color palettes.

ruffle bedding collection simply shabby chic shabby chic bedding target for beautiful bedding sets

The fabric used for the bedding should be not heavy and have a pale color with a delicate print. The appearance is slightly faded yet beautiful. Lightweight fabrics benefit you in a way they are less expensive than the heavier ones. What about the patterns? They should be feminine and subtle. Some examples of popular patterns for shabby chic bedding are ticking stripes, gingham, and small rose patterns. Don’t match because shabby chic is about mismatching. Although those seem to be the ladylike pattern, they are also suitable for men’s bedroom. These subtle and sweet patterns can make the room comfortable, inviting, and romantic. They give a light and airy feel to the bedroom.

simply shabby chic snow white bedskirt shabby chic bedding target for beautiful bedding sets

Where can we shop for shabby chic bedding? Some people go to department stores and flea markets or stores that sell old vintage stuff. Wherever you shop for bedding sets, make sure the fabrics are comfortable. Target, as one of the largest global retailers, provides high-quality on-trend bedding sets and collections in numerous attractive styles including shabby chic. Even, they have a special brand named Simply Shabby Chic. Shabby chic bedding Target comes in several decor types such as granny chic, rustic, Great Britain, and French cottage where each of them has its own characteristics.

ruffle canopy simply shabby chic shabby chic bedding target for beautiful bedding sets

There is a wide variety of Simply Shabby Chic collections. You can find bed canopies, blankets, pillows, comforter sets, quilts, and sheet sheets. All of them are made of high-quality materials such as muslin and cotton which are lightweight and look natural with a feminine touch. Burlap and lace are often added to the fabric to make it more striking. The bedding sometimes features scallops or skirts that give it an old-school look. Besides bedding sets, the brand shop also has a great selection of window sheet and valance, curtain panels, slipcovers, and other home decor collections.

french knot rose pillow pink simply shabby chic shabby chic bedding target for beautiful bedding sets

Besides using shabby chic bedding, you need to decorate the rest of the room in shabby chic style too. Try to find faded furnishings and antique items. Work with whites and soft accent colors. Note that the colors you use should create a gracefully aged look. Although using distressed furnishings is one key of shabby chic decor, keep them a bit more formal or not too distressed otherwise, they can look undone and cheap. Lastly, do not be afraid of adding personality and uniqueness. You are about to add new life to something old.

ruffle duvet sham set pink simply shabby chic shabby chic bedding target for beautiful bedding sets

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