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Kitchen Cabinet Shaker Style – Real Charm for Any Kitchen even with Less Ornaments on the Design


Function comes first and form will follow, that is the basic principle used in Shaker style furniture. The Shakers preserve a believe that being showy is sinful, and thus they must create something that puts the functionality as a priority and with less decoration. Simple yet works perfectly, that is how we describe the Shaker style furniture and we can see furniture built based on that principle more frequently these days. The charm of the simplicity offered by Shaker also can be found in kitchen furniture, and the kitchen cabinets shared below are the evidence for that.


Less ornament on the design and prioritizing the functionality make kitchen cabinet with Shaker style perfect addition to the kitchen with any style of decoration. It is not going to be looking old easily. The material chosen to build the kitchen cabinet is another great aspect in Shaker style. Only wood with top-quality is used to create kitchen cabinet Shaker style.


As for the finish, kitchen cabinet Shaker style comes with various options. We can choose one of them that really suit our need or fit to our kitchen style. The burnished finish offers a classic feel to our kitchen, and in the meantime, choosing cabinet covered with paint will make your kitchen looks more modern. Shaker craftsmen believe that great cabinets are result of precision, superior quality, also orderly repetition. Having such of great cabinet will only lead to improving the ergonomics of any kitchen.


Are you interested in adding kitchen cabinet with Shaker style? Choose the type of finish you would love to see on your Shaker-style cabinet. Painted finishes cabinet and solid timber cabinets appear to be the top options, but they will bring along a very high price written on their price tag. If you had an extra budget on the cabinet, they are recommended cabinet for you. Vinyl wrap finish looks beautiful too. It improves cabinet’s durability, but there will be a potential risk of losing the visual beauty of wood.

Kitchen cabinet Shaker style offers timeless charm to any kitchen with any style decoration. Its beauty would not be fading easily as time goes.





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