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Simple Steps to Create an Antique Furniture

antique distressed furniture antique-white-wood-distressed-painted-dining-coffee-table-white-sofa

Perhaps, the easiest way to make our home looks aesthetically appealing is by buying quality furniture. Speaking about bringing an immediate impact to the room, there is nothing faster than the antique. It will change the scene right awaf we put it into the room. Unfortunately, it may cost your savings because antiques always come with an unbelievably expensive price. For those who have a limited budget for furniture, distressing old wood furniture to make it looks like an antique seems to be sensible than buying an antique. It is less expensive solution, and might turn out to be a fun project for the weekend.

Search through your home and see if there was some old furniture around your home you can use as the object. Make sure that nobody in your home would mind whenever you use it for the project. If you were still unsure you can do it, simply use a practice piece that you would not mind throwing away when you think the result is not as expected.

antique distressed furniture antique-distressed-blue-table-with-storage

Next, sand the piece with sandpaper. The main objective of it is to help the primer sticks well, reduce numbers of accidental flaw, and create the antique look. Use the medium to find sandpaper for this. Once done, use a damp rag to wipe it.

After that, you can cover the piece with paint. To make it more unique or showing antique characteristic, we can leave some areas on the object showing through. It does not take much effort; simply use a candlestick to rub wax the targeted area. When the paint dries perfectly, scratch the waxed spots using a rounded knife and sand them.

antique distressed furniture diy-distressed-blue-storage-buffet-design

To make the distressed marks you created previously appear, we need to create the piece looks classy first. Simply mix one part brown paint and several parts water, rub the glaze with a sponge, and then wipe off with clean dry cloth. A yellowed and worn look should appear immediately. To cap off the project, we should coat it with a protective finish that will dry perfectly in 48 hours. Have a nice try people.

antique distressed furniture distressed-turqoise-furniture-antiques

antique distressed furniture distressed-white-bathroom-cabinet-after-painting

antique distressed furniture diy-distressed-dresser-design-with-carved-square-mirror

antique distressed furniture antique-white-distressed-entertainment-wall-united

antique distressed furniture antique-distressed-night-stand-furniture-table-lamp

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