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Sofist – the Sofa with Industrial Style

Sofist – the Sofa with Industrial Style Metallic Framework Sofist Sofa with Pockets for Storage and Wooden Board

Unique design keeps coming as creative and talented designers refuse to stay idle for a long time. Their idea and hard work ethic give us chance to enjoy life more. Sofist is one of many attractive, unique, and function piece of furniture coming out from a gifted designer. Sule Koc is the person behind this creation. Sofist is a sitting system made of a metallic framework and completed with pillows as its ornaments. This sofa will easily take the center stage of the room where it is sitting thanks to its unique design and additional unique features that are including pockets for storage, book, and a small adjacent wooden board.

Sofist – the Sofa with Industrial Style Unusual Sofa by Sule Koc with Pillow for Comfort and Cage-Like Design

For those looking for something simple with the ability to give huge impact in decoration, perhaps the Sophist can be a perfect choice. Just bring it to the area you want, then it will change then refresh the appearance around the environment. This sofa can turn into perfect furniture for those who love industrial/ minimalism style very much. Sofist is designed carefully so that we can enjoy great sitting experience on a furniture piece that has plenty of space for a book or any small objects. There is also another extra space under the sitting area.

Sofist – the Sofa with Industrial Style Side View of Sofit Sofa with Industrial Style for Great Sitting Experience

Sofist comes in a form which is actually its basic framework. Stripped out of the unnecessities, the construction makes it possible to create space for storing books and extra pillow for comfort. The inner space can be a preferable place to sleep for pets.