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Standard Kitchen Counter Depth for Kitchen Remodeling

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth – How much the size affects your plan? In kitchen remodeling, measurement holds a very important role. It will determine whether you are going to have comfortable place to work on your cook or not. Choosing to be generous will make your kitchen looks so tight because you have very limited space to work on for kitchen. By learning about the standard kitchen counter depth, we can determine the best option we can have regarding to our situation. There are many things affected by the counter depth. This includes the furniture we are going to bring in to complete our kitchen.

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes and Dimensions

Why we should take care of the depth of kitchen counter? Does not it come with the same size? Well, most people may think that kitchen counters come with the same size. In home remodeling, there will always be options that give us chance to make something according to our plan. Could you imagine that everything in this world made from the same plan? The result might be different slightly, but with wide range of options available, we can make something that is totally different.

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth Inches

Based on bases, the standard kitchen counter depth is 24 inches for the lower base, and 12 inches for the uppers. If we put in a cabinet in this standard depth, we would find about 1 inch of a countertop’s overhang. This 1-inch extra of countertop would help us to prevent any small pieces of food from dropping to the drawer. Other than that, the overhang also completes the limit of cabinetry.

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth Height

For the counter and backsplash, the standard height is 36 inches. However, that is just a number. We can make adjustment here for better experience. For example, we can set the height a little bit higher for tall user. The same thing applies to injured people so that they need to use wheelchair. The height can be set a little lower, so injured people can use the kitchen counter without any obstruction. There is a typical kitchen depth for injured people. For the backsplash, we can install it after the installation of the countertop is finished. It should be 4 inches tall for optimum usage. For your information, the backsplash installation instruction only works only if the backsplash and the kitchen counter are in one package.

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth

Standard Heights and Dimensions for Outdoor

So, that is all about the standard kitchen counter depth. The size is just number, which means we can make adjustment or change the size so it fits to our need and plan. There are many options when it comes to measurement in kitchen remodeling project. We can even get custom dimension kitchen. Just make sure that you are working with knowledgeable and skillful contractor who know how to make something tailored for his clients. Discuss the remodeling project with your contractor so that everything can go as planned. Do not hesitate to ask your contractor about anything related your kitchen remodeling. Make your kitchen remodeling fun by learning the measurement of kitchen depth.}