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Teen Bedding Sets for Boys

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Teen boys bedding is available in a wide range of options from basics to decorative. The bedding sets can consist of only sheets, pillows, and blankets but some others have complete pieces. As the bedding is intended for teen boys, it should meet their style and comfort needs so they will be stimulated to sleep and relax in their beds. Bedding sets for teen boys come with a variety of sizes such as king, queen, twin, and full. The mattress can be as thick as 7 inches. While it is easy to get sheets for a king, queen, and twin size mattresses, those in full and California king sizes are hard to find. The bedding sets also include mattress pad and toppers although you may need to buy them separately. They give protective padding to the mattress from dust, dirt, and other debris. They vary in thickness, size, and style. Cotton is the most used material for pad and toppers. Latex and wool are also used. If durability is your concern, go for latex pad. But, if you look something more practical, choose cotton pad.

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Bed pillows are the other parts of bedding sets for the teen. The pillows allow your head to rest comfortably at night. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have soft or firm pillows. You can wrap the pillows with a zippered cover called pillow protector to protect them from stain and dust. This way, your pillows will last long and always look new. Actually, pillow protector works similarly as a mattress pad.

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Teens, especially boys are so active not only outside the house but even in their own room. Sometimes they ask their mates to stay overnight. That is why it is important to use bedding sets that are durable and of course comfortable. You should really pay attention to the fabric as it determines durability and comfort. Cotton is the most widely used fabric. It is also known to be comfortable and durable. Make sure that the bedding is made of 100 percent combed cotton. This material has a finer sheet than other types of cotton. Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and blend are other common fabric materials. Carded cotton is rarely used because it does not feel soft.

comforters for teen boys room teen bedding sets for boys

Softness and durability are not only influenced by the fabric but other factors also play an important role. These factors are thread count and weave. The sheets are durable and soft if they have a higher number of threads. These sheets will feel dense and silky. Another determining factor is the interweaving process of the fabric whether it is plain, twill, sateen, or patterned.

Last but not least, you should consider the color and pattern of the bedding. While teen girls favor soft colors like pink or purple with pop music themes, for instance, teen boys may prefer something neutral or dark such as brown, white, and black. As this can be very personal, it is imperative to discuss what they want for their bed including colors and themes they like.

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