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Things Need to Consider and Few Ideas about Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop sland White Kitchen Island Countertop with elegant white pendant lamps and blue cabinet

Kitchen countertop keeps gaining more popularity among homeowners. We can see it through many reading materials shared on internet showing about the latest kitchen design or modern kitchen that involve kitchen countertop island as part needed to complete the design. It does improve the appearance of the kitchen and make our kitchen looked modern, but there are at least three important things we need to keep in mind before buying a kitchen island. Scale, function and style, all these three things can help us bringing one that really fits to us.

kitchen countertop sland sleek kitchen island countertop with nice sink and faucet also simple kitchen utensil

Make sure you have enough space before buying a kitchen island. The minimum amount of space we need to prepare between the unit and the surrounding objects is 42 inches. That number is enough to create spaces for preparing meal or casual dining. Add some stools or bar styled seating pieces around the kitchen island, and then you will get nice and simple dining area in your kitchen. Make sure that the height and size of the seating pieces you brought in match to the island. The ideal width of a kitchen island is 4 ft wide max.

kitchen countertop sland kitchen island arrangement with casual seating and wall mounted kitchen storage

The next thing we need to consider is the functionality. If your main reason why add island countertop was for enjoying mealtime, and then the basic countertop completed with stools around it should be enough. However, it might need a different type of kitchen island if you were thinking about preparing the food at one end while your guest enjoys the food at the other end. There are enough options for this, and T or L-shaped island and the traditional rectangular island style are perfect example. If you were thinking about food preparation only, simply choose one that has been completed with area for food preparing appliances. Having island unit in our kitchen could mean we have additional kitchen storage spaces.

kitchen countertop sland elegant white kitchen with island and independent hood

Kitchen island should meet our style. Prior to bring in the kitchen island, make sure that it can go well with our home interior design. Find one that really fits to your interior design because it will be the part of your home interior decoration.

kitchen countertop sland wooden kitchen island with wide range cabinet

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