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Versatile and Rechargeable Innovative Lights to Build the Atmosphere – the Drop Light

The Drop Light Elegant Drop Light  as Pendant Lamps

Lighting can build atmosphere. It does not matter what kind of atmosphere we are trying to bring in, lighting never fails to deliver the service. Playing with the brightness of the room seems to be one of the most effective ways to build the atmosphere. The creative forces at the DOOlight have extended the already extensive list of options we can choose from when we want to build atmosphere through lighting. This one is called the Drop Light and consisting of rechargeable lighting units called “drops”. There will be no requirement for user to connect it to electricity source with wire to enjoy the service offered because it is cordless.

The Drop Light Drop Light Collections as Table Lamp-Floor Lamp-Arch Lamp-Pendant Lamp

Another highlight offered by this Drop Light is that it is very easy to use. We can just touch the edge of the hanger for turning the light on or off. We can even set the intensity we want just by holding the edge of the hanger. These innovative lighting units are so versatile so that we can just put the Drop Light at anywhere we need it to be. The lights in Drop Light can be very useful in case of a blackout. So, what do you think about these bulbs?

The Drop Light Drop Light in the Meeting Area with Arch Lamps

A light that warms up and lights up our lives.
Gaining new experiences through book, having joyful conversations at late night, making a romantic proposal to your lover, reading a magical fairy tale before bed time, and feeding your lovely baby in the middle of the night.
Those are moments that we can share with Doolight.

The Drop Light Drop Light in the Nursery Room with White Wooden Baby Cribs Soft Blanket

The Drop Light Drop Light on the White Nightstand in the Comfortable Bedroom with Brown Pillow

The Drop Light Elegant Drop Light as Arch Lamp

The Drop Light Warms Up and Lights Up Our Lives

The Drop Light Suitable for Kids with Sheep and Bear Doll

The Drop Light Colections by Doolight

The Drop Light Discover DooLight by Doosan Baek