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Zero Gravity Chair Costco

Looking for Costco Zero Gravity Chair? Well me too! Chairs with this technology are based on NASA’s tech that aims to reduce the G-Force effect on the body during takeoff. Sitting in this condition resembles sleeping a lot. The angle of the chair allows the body to be in nearly lying down while the lower legs are extended above your heart.

Zero Gravity Chair Costco Breahtaking Timber Ridge Stokke Zero Gravity Chair Costco

There are many benefits of this position, but mainly it’s good for your back and your spine. Sitting on this position ease the back and spine pressure, allowing your back to rest and decreasing the muscle tensions. Moreover, it is also good for your blood circulation and enlarging lung capacity, allowing you to breathe more oxygen and ultimately increasing your blood oxygen levels.

Apparently many people like the idea since sometimes they want to be as relax as possible while having health benefits from it.

Zero Gravity Chairs Costco

Currently, there are two products with such technology offered in Costco. There’s the Zero Gravity Reclining Outdoor Lounge Chair from Caravan Sports. This one is an outdoor chair with a very simple design, supported by double bungee system, allowing the chair to support a person with up to 300 lbs. Despite the look, the chair is pretty sturdy. You can alter the position manually and then lock it at a desired angle. It is quite affordable, but this one is for outdoor use so the design is not that appealing.

Zero Gravity Chair Costco Zero Gravity Recliner Chair Espresso Electric Power Recline 551 Vinyl

Another product with the zero gravity tech is the Human Touch AcuTouch HT-7450 Massage Reclining Chair. Being a motorized massage chair, it is understandably expensive. However, the chair has received many positive reviews, and most of the reviewers said that they are very satisfied with the product. It can massage back, shoulder, leg and foot, and it is very comfortable! Last but not least, it is important to mention that the chair looks stunning and elegant, making it suitable for almost every interior design style.

Zero Gravity Chair Costco Zero Gravity Indoor Recliner in Black Leather with Brown Wooden Frame

Zero Gravity Chair Costco PCX 720 Indoor Zero Gravity Chair Costco

Zero Gravity Chair Costco Lafuma Rsc Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Costco

Zero Gravity Chair Costco Lafuma Futura Clip Zero Gravity Chair Reviews


Zero Gravity Chair Costco Elegant Zero Gravity Lounge Chair for Living Room

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